I’ll pay your Mortgage, you let me paint your house Bright Orange!

- February 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are already a few entrepreneurs out there putting plans together to launch a similar scheme here, but they better hurry because the rumour mill is saying that Brainiacs from Mars may just make an appearance  on our shores very soon, with their new take on Billboard advertising. The company who also built the very successful platform AdZookie and is known as an “Unconventional Marketing Company” have started paying people’s mortgages for them in exchange for home owners letting them paint their house bright colours and advertise brands on them.

Already since the launch of the concept the idea has gone viral and over 38,000 home owners have expressed interest. It is a brilliant idea and who wouldn’t want someone to pay their mortgage off for them? And I mean, you don’t really see the outside of your house once you are inside.

The hurdle with Australia though will be our strict council laws on presentation of property in certain areas and this may put a dampen on any startup wanting to launch a similar concept in this country. It would be effective though wouldn’t it – I mean if I was walking or driving past a bright orange house, I would definitely stop and have a stare.

What do you think? Will we see something like this in the suburbs of our major cities before too long?

[picture: Brainiacs from Mars]