Ghetto Preach your 30 second message for $5.00!!

- February 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Ok, so this one is not exactly a startup, but I have actually only just discovered it today and it is pretty bloody cool. Fiverr allows you to get people to do things for you for a Fiver [$5.00] – whether it is a website you want created, something else for your business that you need and are on a REALLY tight budget for, right up to the plain hilarious and ridiculous such as getting someone to Ghetto preach your companies marketing message for 30 seconds.

One of the really suprising things to me is the quality of feedback from customers on the site in the business section, I also spoke to a colleague of mine who has a friend that is huge in the e-commerce space in Australia, that has exclusively used this site to build all his websites. The option is definitely worthwhile for a startup to test some basic concepts at least before spending larger amounts of money on a final product.

So what are you waiting for? Someone is waiting right now dressed as a naughty Panda ready to dance to a song of your choice for only $5 bucks!!











[photo: Fiverr.com]