FoodTraders, Combining Tech & Fine Produce

- February 10, 2012 2 MIN READ

FoodTraders gives manufactures, producers, wholesalers, distributors and retailers the tools to begin trading online within the food industry. They are not a retailer, they simply are a channel to reach a larger, tech savvy market.

“We’ve been described as the eBay for Food, but we’re more than that”, says Robert and Bradley Falzon, a father and son startup team. “We’re building this specifically for the food industry [and let’s not forget our great wineries, brewers and other beverage and equipment suppliers]. We’ve incorporated features such as; recurring purchases, preferred suppliers on search results, pick and/or delivery options, online purchases or simply listing a product, listing suppliers of a brand – giving brand owners control over content and detailed, searchable, attributes about the products”.

Buyers are either general consumers, or retailers themselves looking for manufactures, producers, wholesalers or distributors. They can search for products by local businesses, businesses that sell a specific type or brand of product and either choose to buy online or shop in store. Pickup or delivery is available, and completely up to the retailer, as is the payment options – they don’t even need to list a price – just say they stock that particular product.

“Consumers, and businesses use the Internet for research, and we want to show them our clients products. In a world of greater competition from national and international businesses, it’s the specific attributes of their product people want to search for – be it because it’s from a local business, Made in Australia, health, ethical or religious concerns or their simply looking for 2kg South Australian Sirloin Steak from a retailer that is opened today ready for pickup” says the pair.

“We want to work with local businesses, in all niche or commercial food markets, that are looking at establishing their business for the online market”.