Aussie Startup scores gig on US Television Show!

- February 21, 2012 2 MIN READ

Australia’s newest men’s swimwear brand, Mahjii, offers customers online convenience and a high- end product, without the high-end price tag.

Young founder Tim Peisley said that Mahjii’s strong point of difference is that all products are designed and made in Australia in limited quantities using top quality fabric.

“My vision for Mahjii is to provide men with a choice of quality designer swimwear – there were so many stock standard designs on the market, but nothing that stood out from the crowd,” Peisley said.

“All the mass produced low grade swimwear coming out of China was what I wanted to challenge – I saw a gap in the market, put together a business plan and Mahjii was born.”

Peisley said that shopping online was a strong future trend and focussed the business model almost exclusively to online sales.

“Selling online has many advantages – overheads are lower, shoppers can purchase 24 hours per day, seven days per week, and it is not limited by geographical boundaries, but the disadvantage is that customers can’t touch the swimmers to really feel the quality of the thicker material,” the Sydney based proprietor said.

“That’s one reason behind Mahjii’s brand value of offering exclusive limited edition swimwear designs, to compliment the luxury offering of the garments themselves.

“Mahjii offers customers the chance to express themselves uniquely with its range of unique swimwear – whether the statement is bright and colourful or classic with chrome tones, Mahjii swimwear allows a side of the wearer’s personality to show.”

The 29-year-old entrepreneur said that the first 12 months of operation have been promising, with sales increasing at a steady pace. “Everyone around the world recognises that Australians have a love affair with the water, thanks largely to our fantastic beaches.”

“Mahjii is and always will be an Australian made product, but we are not limiting ourselves to Australian customers.

“Australians know that swimmers needs to withstand constant exposure to sea, salt, chlorine and the sun – we are now telling the world that we are leaders when it comes to producing quality swimwear.“We have recently partnered with a US TV show and contestants will be wearing Mahjii swimmer – this will boost our exposure and hopefully give us a leg into the US market.

“We also sponsor a couple of surf boat teams, one in Sydney and one in New Zealand, to give back to the community and also to give the brand exposure. It provides an opportunity for a section of our target market to try our swimmers,” Peisley said.

The next stage for Mahjii as it evolves is the addition of men’s Euro trunks to its product line, due for launch in April 2012.

Mahjii swimmers are available online and you can “Like” the Facebook page to stay up to date with the latest designs at www.facebook.com/Mahjii – Mahjii means “by Water” in Swahili.

Mahjii swimwear designs are produced in small quantities and only for a limited period, priced competitively at $50.