10 Entrepreneurs to watch in 2012

- February 9, 2012 3 MIN READ

With the BRW Best Startups of 2011 List being published this month, we thought we would have a look into our Crystal Ball and see if we can predict who will be hot this year and a serious contender for next years lists. Introducing our pick for the top 10 entrepreneurs in Australia to watch in 2012.


1. Pascale Helyar-Moray

The founder of design your own jewellery site, Style Rocks. This lady has it all going on, she is media savvy, a master of forming strategic partnerships, connected with a wide network of influencers in the startup scene, and has a product that is a first of it’s kind within Australia. You will be seeing her presence  within the startup landscape growing this year as well as the growth of her business.

2. Mick Spencer

Founder of On the Go Sports. He may only be 21 years old, but not many people that age can say that they started a business from scratch and have built it to a point where the predicted turnover for the year will be over $1 million dollars! Again, Mick is very media savvy, forms great collaborative partnerships that make sense, has a wide group of very well known mentors in his industry and is always “on the go” building a bigger and better brand each day.

3. Nathan Murphy

We first heard about this guy in 2011 when he was founding Audio Highschool, back then he was doing the media circuit and it was a great story of a young guy overcoming some tough obstacles. Fast forward 12 months and he is now the CEO of new tech startup EyeCrowd and is about to start doing the rounds of Silicon Valley in the coming months. This will definitely be a defining year for him.

4. Izhar Basha and Katie Campbell

Founders of Firehosiery. Both these guys were lawyers at top their firms and packed it all in to start up a luxury hosiery brand. They are both very business savvy, take every opportunity to educate themselves on current business trends and have a solid business model they are working towards. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw this brand popping up a lot over the next 6 months in fashion and women’s publications as well as celebrity endorsements.

5. Daniel Filmer and Jarrod O’Connell

Founders of 3PlayNewtorks. These guys have been under the radar for the last 10 years but they are about to become very well known. Some might say I am biased for putting them on this list as I have partnered with them on the new app CoFounda which launches next week, though I think this will also be successful, my reasons for putting these guys on the list is due to their app TXT4 Coffee. This app has grown like crazy over the last 6 months and has sprung a whole new brand of Food and Beverage style apps being rolled out globally over the next 12 months. Their trip to Silicon Valley in the next few weeks is going to result in some major growth for their business.

6. Jane Lu

Founder of Show Pony Fashion. Accountant turned Retail Fashion Mogul, she has just started franchising out the Show Pony Fashion label and we predict that this will be a major source of growth for the company this year. The company has just come off the back of it’s first year of trading and pulled in over $1 million in revenue. Jane is also the queen of social media, with one of the most engaged Facebook audiences in Australia for a new brand with over 32,000 Facebook fans.

7. Andrew Campbell and Ned Moorefield

Founders of Go Catch. These guys and their Taxi booking service Go Catch burst out onto the scene last year with backing from NSW Trade and Investment and a lash back from the NSW Taxi Council. This worked well for them and the service the app actually delivers is one of the best that we have used. Expect big things from these guys next year, we also would not be surprised if they started looking into global markets.

8. Brandon Cowen

Founder of Crazy Dog Apps. He is only 17 and hasn’t even finished school yet but already he has two apps that are among the highest grossing when they launched in the app store last year. This year I think we will still hear a lot more about this guy, he is passionate about what he does and is extremely intelligent. Because of his age, the media love him and this will work to his advantage above his competitors. I’m looking forward to his next invention.

9. Brad Callaughan

Founder of Callaughan Partners. Brad has built a very successful accounting and business advisory firm in a very short amount of time. He is now an expert in his industry contributing to many of the major business publications in Australian Media on various topics around finance and business.

10. Yourself.

Founder of your own business and destiny. While it is great to look at what others are doing for inspiration, it is important to watch yourself in 2012 and be the best that you can be, take calculated risks, form collaborative partnerships and remember a business that makes no money is an expensive hobby – so sell sell sell.