Who said weddings & tech don’t mix?

- January 20, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

I’m single and cynical, so when I heard about a new website that showcases the best wedding couples, wedding websites, I asked one of my team to get me bucket – of course I couldn’t type www.perfectcouples.com into the browser quick enough though to check it out.

Honestly until today I didn’t even realise that people made websites in the lead up to their wedding, I mean people really invest a lot into this one day in their life don’t they – no wonder it is a multi-billion dollar industry. The scary thing is though, I actually spent almost an hour just trawling through this site & then seating for other couples who have made their own websites for their weddings – it truly is fascinating whether you are into weddings or not. Knowing the price to get a decent website up and running – I can tell you that some people are dropping some serious coin into this market.

The site is sponsored by Dessy Group – a bridal apparel manufacturer based in New York city. Good move on their part I would say – It is only going to be a matter of time before the hits start growing rapidly on this one, you only have to look at local success stories such as the PolkaDot Bride brand to see that content on weddings is a popular search item.