Where is the Cool?

- January 24, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Overnight massive success Pininterest has been the inspiration for new internet startup Where is the Cool. One of the things that sites such as these are starting to be successful in doing is shifting themselves away from being traditional search tools and are creating a new web presence as “discovery” sites.

The founders behind Where is the Cool, noticed that majority of the users of PinInterest were women, and thus wanted to create a male model of the site. The site only covers content they believe that successful men will find interesting or should be aspiring to, so a lot of the content you will discover is information on Sports Cars, Boats, Surfboards, gadgets, Travel and Penthouses. It also features articles and pictures of famous females giving it a really blokes magazine feel about it.

The design is simple and classy with what one would deem as quite manly in colour and layout. Through scanning through the site and the content they have running, you can tell that the people editing and moderating the site are sticking to their standards. We think this is definitely one to watch.



[photo: dapperdude.com]