The Top Acquirers in 2011

- January 12, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

For many serial entrepreneurs, building a business is like renovating a big housing project. You create something great, build it up and add value, and then flip it for a tidy profit. The Big companies are always watching the startup scene looking for the next technologies and products that can help add value and take their companies to the next level. Here are ten of those companies that acquired companies in 2011 according to statistics via crunchbase.com

  1. Cisco – Founded in 1984 and are the leaders in Internet protocol. They sell hardware, software, networking etc
  2. Microsoft – They have a long history of enhancing their products through acquisition.
  3. Google – With over 28 000 employees world wide and over 21.3 billion in acquisitions so far
  4. IBM – Have spent an estimated 9 billion dollars on acquisitions, and continue to grow strong
  5. Hewlett Packard – With 36.8 billion so far spent in acquisitions, print is certainly not dead
  6. Yahoo! – Some notable past acquisitions include Alibaba and Flickr
  7. Oracle Corporation – Purchased Right Now Technologies for a cool $1.5 billion late last year
  8. AOL – In February last year they purchased Huffington post for $315 million
  9. EMC – Three acquisitions totalling over 2 billion dollars last year
  10. Intel – Did you know they were founded in 1968?

One of the biggest was AOL’s buy of Huffington Post, and with Mashable rumoured to be clocking up 20 million viewers a day and Ad revenues that are ridiculously high each month, Pete Cashmore could be looking at a big pay day this year if he decides to sell. He also happens to own all equity and is only 26 years old.