Startup World Global Competition

- January 25, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Startup World are holding a competition with the aim of finding the next Jobs or Zuckerburg. The competition will be held in 36 cities across the globe, and the regional winners of each city will be flown to Silicon Valley to battle itout against each other.

They liken the competition to a tech version of American Idol, as the judges will be looking for raw talent, mastery of material and a great performance. And Silicon Valley is one place in the world for these tech startups to obtain truely global attention.

Our very own Melbourne Influential List member and young person to watch in 2012 Kate Kendall is also a part of the panel for this competition, as sign that Aussie startups and entrepreneurs are really starting to pave their way in the world.

Silicon Valley is the current highest producer of tech companies in the world, however the aim of this competition is to help shed the light on entreprneurs that are coming from emerging markets.


StartUp World – Launch Video from Newspepper on Vimeo.