Startup: The Holding Pattern

- January 31, 2012 2 MIN READ

Managing Director, Nick Arnold, today announced the launch of what promises to herald a seismic shift in how undiscovered musicians can sell and share their work – The Holding Pattern.

After two years of intense development, this new online market place offers digital sales and licensing revenue to artists, where all independent musicians can host, share and sell their work, whilst retaining control of their copyrights.

For the music consumer, The Holding Pattern offers a killer new application that will make finding new music, engrossing, fun and relevant. The Holding Pattern Visualiser is an impressive 3D graphical discovery engine, which allows the consumer to experience and search music from every genre from Indie to Electronic, to World, to Country, to Jazz, to Lounge, etc, the scope is endless. The platform is an evolution in the way in which we search, buy, sell and listen to music, with no limits, spanning all categories.

A unique site that will expose the sheer size and depth of the industry not yet seen before, The Holding Pattern is creating a movement in the independent music scene, where all musicians have a voice and the ability to make money from selling their work.

The Holding Pattern offers immediate access to automatic licensing in an intelligent, quick and innovative commercial platform, which also benefits production companies and creatives to purchase tracks for their projects.

“I am a longtime musician, have been in many bands and been signed to a major publishing house in LA. I have also had a long history composing scores for film, television and theatre. This industry insight highlighted to me an often-overlooked problem of how production companies and creative source and buy music for their projects. It is a confusing, laborious process, where companies have to wade through mountains of their own archives for tracks to suit a an ad, film or production. The Holding Pattern is a cost effective, streamlined procedure.”

The Holding Pattern has been constructed to be a quick and intuitive process, exposing creative directors to an untapped range of material. It is a simple platform that will supersede any current model that exists in the market today.

Arnold primarily created the site out of a unified peer frustration of musicians and artists not being paid appropriately for their work. By eliminating the middleman, The Holding Pattern is a portal that functions for both artist and consumer. An artist selling their work in The Holding Pattern will make an honest cut, 80 percent and have access to licensing revenue.

This fact alone, with musicians having full control of how they want toreleaseandselltheirmusic,isalreadycreatingabuzzamongst independent musicians. As The Holding Pattern officially launches today, musicians are already uploading their work. A movement is evolving from this initiative and The Holding Pattern will be releasing news as it happens through this growth phase.