Startup: SmartyMee

- January 27, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Smartymee.com is a marketplace for digital courseware products and for tutorials.  The new startup based in Germany is the ideal place for producers of fresh and high-quality content to monetize their work. All in three simple steps:

1. Create a course and set a price,

2. Upload and compile files,

3. Publish.

Unlike Sciencestage.com [also from the same founders] Smartymee.com does not just cover academic learnings. It also focuses on a broad range of other topics, such as business, health, lifestyle, hobby, language, music, technology and Internet.

Smartymee.com can be used to publish free courseware. But the operators also specifically appeal to all experts who have always firmly believed that top-quality content can only come at a price, even on the web. Users globally can start creating and publishing courses now and earning money. SmartyMee do however keep 25% of the courses you sell, however when you drill down and look into the costs of putting something together yourself, graphic design etc – you will probably still end up out in front.