Startup: MePin, No more Passwords

- January 12, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

A new startup based out of Finland has a goal. They want to rid the world of passwords – completely. What would the internet be like, if you never had to remember passwords for services such as Facebook, twitter, your Gmail – pretty much everything? And this is not a password management system either, their technology allows you to enter any site by proving who you are through your smartphone.

Initially I thought that this app could just be a lot of effort downloading for nothing, I mean, any person with half a brain cell would usually have mostly the same email and password relationship throughout all the services they use online – right? And this is exactly where the problem is, there are super smart evil nerds out there ladies and gentlemen, and they can access your information. Mepin gives the power back to the consumer, each device is protected by it’s own private key – therefore you have no fear of being hacked online.