Startup: High Score House

- January 30, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

High Score House is one of the new startups coming out of Silicon Valley that we should all be keeping an eye on. Founders Kyle Seaman and Theo Ephraim have revolutionised the way parents get their children to do chores. Their philosophy is hinged around the fact that parents spend bucket loads of cash each year on subscriptions and games to keep their children entertained.

The issue for these two guys was simple the games kids were playing and that parents were buying, had very little going for them in the way of value for the family. So the boys decided to reclaim games for a greater purpose, and High Score House was born. Basically what the this startup does is create a more positive atmosphere in the household – It is an online game that is set in the real world, With your children, you decide on a set of tasks [cleaning dishes, taking garbage out] as well as a set of rewards [anything that get’s your child motivated] and as they complete tasks, they earn points which they can then redeem for the rewards.

The company is currently in BETA and already over 150,000 tasks have been completed.