New Tech Startup: mmMule.com

- January 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Today another exciting new startup from the Aussie Tech Scene launched called mmMule. It is a social travel network that connects locals who want stuff with travellers that can deliver it. In return the travellers are rewarded by the locals with fun and local travel experiences.

You may be looking for that particular brand of chocolate that can only be found in the US, so you would use the site to find a “mule” to deliver this to you, in exchange you may offer to take them on a tour to Manly Beach for the day. The site connects like minded people and allows you to build a global network of friends that you can share authentic local travel experiences with.

The business was started by a bunch of travel obsessed expats who aim to create a community and revolutionise the way people interact, travel and get stuff delivered.

Check it out at www.mmMule.com