New Startup: SoundBooka

- January 16, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

The launch of Soundbooka, Australia’s first online integrated booking platform for musicians, DJs and audio professionals, is set to revolutionise how artists are hired nationwide.

Soundbooka is a multidimensional website that is designed to make life easy for event organisers, and more lucrative for musicians. The unique platform acts as a personal online booking agent, and allows artists and their managers greater exposure and control over their gigs.

On Soundbooka, artists are invited to register for free and once verified receive exposure in front of venue and event bookers. All artists will be featured through professional profiles with personalized visual, video and audio cues, as well as a full calendar of availability and bio. There is also a feedback functionality that will host a rating for those who have been booked.

Those using the service enjoy a streamlined simple way of searching, booking and paying for their entertainment needs, as well as unprecedented access to a wide variety of artists, with the ability to preview musician performance before committing.

Using PayPal, Soundbooka is one of the first businesses in Australia to employ an adaptive payments process and is run on a low margin/high volume principle – meaning more value for bookers and more money for artists.

Founder and director, Chris Blann, is enthusiastic about what this means for the industry “Our research has shown that there is nothing connecting employable musicians, DJs and audio professionals with the wide network of people and organisations who need them, such as record labels, wedding planners, live venues, private functions, corporate bookers … Soundbooka exists to meet this demand”.