New startup: Give your Boss a Big F@#% You!

- January 9, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

For those of you out there working for someone that your secretly wish you could give a piece of your mind to, but choose to remain silent as job security is a top priority at the moment, new website FMyBoss.com could be just the release you are looking for.

FMyBoss allows users to rant andvent anonymously until their heart is content about their boss, their office and co-workers, without the fear of being fired or revealed. There is no language filter of any kind, so users can be as aggressive as they like.

Whilst personally I wouldn’t rant myself on a site such as this, I would visit it purely for the comedic value that it would provide. The site is currently in BETA and starting to get a few hits, but I feel that with a sound social media campaign things will grow organically in a big way, especially once people start really getting back into the swing of things at work.