Launching Today: Health Rally

- January 12, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Studies show that if someone that wants or is trying to lose weight has a financial incentive to do so, they are 5 times more likely to succeed. It’s no wonder celebrities and models bounce back so fast, their bodies are the tools they use at work – it makes perfect sense.

New startup HealthRally combines the best of Health and Fitness, with the best of Tech and Social and allows people to actually MAKE money as they reach their goals of weight loss and fitness. Users log in and create a profile, where they put their goals, their motivations, choose a support team from their Facebook friends and select from a list of rewards they want when they succeed – things such as cash, massages, bikes, holidays etc are on the standard list, but users can also create their own custom rewards.

The purpose is then, people from your support team can donate money to your weight loss cause. And you can make fat profits while getting lean! – If they are smart these guys will have some targeted campaigns at the wedding industry with some of the rewards being “Bride” related as we all know that Brides + Weight Loss Industry = Dollars. But it is also a fantastic way for friends and family to rally around those that are in need and could use the extra push.

HealthRally went into live BETA today.

Check them out at www.healthrally.com