Foundation gives $300K for Awesome ideas

- January 18, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

The Awesome Foundation for Arts and Sciences is a growing series of chapters around the globe that rewards one lucky person each month with a $1000 for their AWESOME idea. There are currently 28 chapters of the foundation world wide with Sydney and Melbourne being two of them.

What is really cool about this foundation is that each month the 10 Trustees of the chapter [usually 10 people] all put in $100 each and reward the most awesome idea submitted with the $1000 cash, no equity stake, no loan, you just get it with the intention that it goes towards helping fund or get your idea off the ground.

Past winners in Australia have included artists that push the boundaries with their work, creative iPhone applications and even aerobic dance classes with a twist. On a yearly basis each chapter gives away $12 000 with a total of approximately $330 000 being given away annually by the foundation. Now that is pretty Awesome – isn’t it?



[picture: the star.com / Stephanie Avery a past winner]