Don’t wait for the phone calls/emails to come to you!

- January 20, 2012 2 MIN READ

Are you new to business? 

The reason small businesses can and often do fail is because they are not being proactive in their approach to their business and the reason they started it.

Yes, it is a wonderful feeling when you open your emails and see a client request sitting there.  It is fantastic when your phone rings and it is a client saying ‘I really need your help or your product’.  No-one denies that.  It is a fact.

However, in order to make this happen, you need to create organisation in your business, surround yourself with a routine.  

First, if you are getting frustrated because you feel your business is not moving forward (or anywhere!), then don’t procrastinate – be proactive.

Set aside time to ensure you have:

a) your interactive website up and running;

b) marketing / business plans are in place with goals set with reminders;

c) your social media (relevant to your business) working for you;

d) networking events/coffee follow ups and more scheduled in your diary;

e) newsletters ready for sending out on a timely basis;

f)  you have a plan of attack in place for scoring new clients by phoning / telemarketing.

Once you have followed these steps, then you can diarise to suit your daily, weekly, monthly, 6 monthly schedules.  This is a must with follow up reminders so that you don’t miss the items you need to do to ensure you have a successful business.

The more you just wait for a phone to ring or an email to materialise with work for you, the less likely it will be to happen.  You need to put the work in to see the results.  Just as you would go to the gym and work out to lose weight or strengthen your muscles, you need to put the same energy and commitment into your business. 

Energy + Commitment = Results

The more educated you become about setting your business up correctly, creating organisation and routine, the more proactive you will become and the more followers and clients you will have.

Don’t forget starting a business is never easy and it is not something you should just take for granted.  Just don’t give up.  Giving up is the easy way out, but is not the reason you wanted to seek out your niche, create your business and have a wish to see it succeed.

Education + Organisation = Results

Hazel Theocharous is the Owner and General Manager of Assisting U Virtually.  She is passionate about assisting others in everything admin and educating business owners about the benefits of Organisation and Outsourcing. 

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