Who is getting funded abroad?

- December 13, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Here are a few of the new innovative tech companies that have recently recieved funding and investment, most are US based companies and one of them has Alyssa Milano from that old TV series Charmed as a part of the advisory panel.

Place IQ just got $4.2 million

They are a provider of next generation location intelligence. Yeah we had no idea what that was either, so we went to their website to get some more information. It gives users a detailed dynamic understanding of a place or location like never before.

Crowd Compass just got $1.3 million

They create event, meeting, conference and tradeshow mobile applications for basically every smartphone device. They allow organisers to create better, smoother running more successful events, by combining things such as maps, QR codes, exhibitor info etc.

Square just got $3 million

Firstly it is founded by Jim McKelvey and Jack Dorsey – they are pro’s at this game. They have the Hollywood factor with Alyssa Milano being one of the businesses advisors and it it just one of the coolest apps for iphone that I have seen this year. It basically turns your iphone into an eftpos terminal, you plug the “square” in to the top of your phone and then just swipe the credit card, take the payment, the customer signs with their finger and then sends the customer an electronic receipt. Markets will never be the same again, home offices can avoid the cash in the hand trap. Brilliant!

In our next funding post we will look at some of the Aussie startups attracting big funds.