Suit Up! It’s an Awesome new Startup!

- December 5, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Zac Borrowdale could very well be my favourite entrepreneur of the year. He currently makes a very nice living of a few very small businesses which all sell exclusively through Facebook fan pages. His highest grossing venture is Suitjamas, silk pyjamas for men which resemble a suit, made popular by the character Barney Stinson in the television show How I met your Mother.

The business has been running for 6 months and has experienced steady growth through a combination of Facebook ads and promotion on other fan pages. The Facebook page / shop boasts over 9000 fans and has just sold their 1500th Suitjama quite recently. By our calculations that is almost 100K in revenue in 6 months! Legen – dary !!

“We still don’t have an external URL as we have not found it to be necessary – our customers find us through their friends news feed. We think that our products have been so successful because of the way they are sold through social media. Impulse buys, unusual products and just about anything that’s interesting enough to be shareable but not something you would search for specifically on google, works really well on Facebook” says Borrowdale.

When you look at the fact that every extra step that you ad to the sales process can cost you customers, we think he is definitely onto something having the store within his Facebook fan page. Borrowdale also states that very few companies have actually capitalised on the overwhelming advantages of this platform, especially in regards to direct sales.

Check out the page and store with a host of other Suitjama products here: www.facebook.com/Suitjamas

It’s Awesome!!