Startup Space: Locomote

- December 5, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

David Fastuca is the co-founder of Locomote, a digital agency that specialises in software development, websites, mobile applications, digital marketing and venture technology investments to internet startups. He is in charge of concept development, visual design, branding and strategy for all Locomote projects.

“We ourselves are currently still in startup phase and are already experiencing  serious growth as a result of working with serial entrepreneur Phil Weinman under his Deasil Management company” says Fastuca.

The startup space itself in which Locomote is located is an old school mansion, the workers say it makes for an exciting startup space once inside as your feel like you have just walked in to the playboy mansion. All the companies located there are full of excitement and passion, with every business there collaborating to work towards their goals, and working together on larger scale projects.