Startup: GameTag

- December 2, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Taking the industry of mobile gaming by storm, comes an Australian made product, invented by an Aussie mum called GAMETAG. Janene Samual invented the product on the lounge room floor on a lovely paterned carpet and then manufactured around her mothers kitchen table with her family including  grandma and children as young as 7 years.

Gametag is a loss prevention device for the Nintendo DS range of hand held video games the best thing about Gametag is that the games stay attached 24/7 even while the game is being played. “No loose games means no lost games” says founder Janene. With the games at a cost of between $50-$80 I would have to imagine that kids [and parents] get pretty devastated when a game cartridge has been lost.

Gametag RRP is $19.99 and holds 8 games cartridges with extra tags available from their website.

“I actually invented Gametag because my four children manage to lose 4 games despite all my attempts to keep them secure. It is the only device in the world that keeps t he games attached. I have an international patent on Gametag. Please view my youtube to see exactly how easy Gametag is to use and attach to your console” says Janene.