Startup: Evolvex goes Live!

- December 6, 2011 2 MIN READ

Why should you have to navigate through a maze of one-way aisles to buy a piece of furniture, that was almost what you wanted, then have to haul it home, and struggle to assemble it only tofind it leaves you less than satisfied with its quality? And to top it off, you wasted an entireSaturday on the journey!Finally, Australia’s greenest furniture company Luxmy, has created what has long been missingin the low to mid-price, flat pack furniture market!

www.evolvex.com is a brand new website selling flat pack furniture solutions that are environmentally friendly (and certified) using sustainable, formaldehyde free, Australian EO board. Evolvex by Luxmy is a furniture solution that puts the consumer in the design seat and allows you to completely customise the furniture to suit your tastes and needs. The website has a new design it yourself tool that allows you to customise your chosen piece online and even save it to a gallery, and share it with your friends on FB for opinions.

All of the pieces are ‘modular’ and interchangeable, allowing you to take a shelf you have grown out of and, using some additional pieces, create a wardrobe! The possibilities are only as limited as your imagination! THis is where the name Evolvex comes from – the idea that the furniture can ‘evolve’, and be ‘exchanged’.

Evolex launches with a great selection of pieces from mountable wall cubes, to at home office desks, coffee tables, sideboards, shelves, and funky seating, and will expand their range to offer new alternatives including a completely flat packed, modern sofa, regularly. Prices range from $60 for a mountable cube, to $233 for a desk.

Evolvex is completely committed to their environmental policy and all of their eco accreditations ensure that no inferior or unfriendly products enter the supply chain at any stage. Their vision is to offer eco friendly products at an affordable price range. And the great thing is, its all purchased online and delivered straight to your door!

To learn more about Evolvex by Luxmy or to start designing, visit www.evolvex.com