Startup: Everyone Eats

- December 5, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Everyone Eats is a new startup that launched during the last week of November. It enables restaurants to give a meal to a school child living in need for every meal that they sell. It acts as a promotional lynchpin, harnessing the value of charities and restaurants that already have the expertise to excel in their fields, joining them together and letting people know about it.

Everyone eats founder Justin Watts says ” Everyone Eats at it’s core is about simplicity and positivity to everyone involved in the process – the customer eats knowing they are helping someone out and is not charged anything more for the privilege; the restaurant gains more publicity, more customers and gives back to society; the charity receives extra assistance which it can utilise fully and the school child in a developing country receives a meal which in many cases is their primary need”.

The everyone eats business model is sustainable and expandable . To partner with Everyone Eats, a restaurant will pay a set up fee per meal that they sell and will receive a guarantee that a meal is given to a school child in need from what appears to be a well audited system. Everyone eats will also do promotional work for the restaurants.