Outsourcing. How do I do it?

- December 13, 2011 2 MIN READ

By definition, the word outsource means 1) to subcontract [work] to another company or 2) to buy in [componants of a product] rather than manufacture them.

When we actually think to outsource  something we stumble either because, we don’t know how to do it, we don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to see our business with the fear that people will know too much and take over or we fear someone will do a better job than us. this is a common factor underlying the reasons why we do not always move forward in our business.

From a business sense, the list never seems to end. One thing is marked off, another seens to arrive. What Can be Outsourced? Heaps!

  •  your accounting
  • yourgraphics / website /blog creation
  • the admin in your office
  • social media updates
  • presentations and ebook creations
  • the never ending business cards piling up on your desk which need to be added to a database

If something is mundane or for you feels too time consuming, change that feeling – ask someone else to help.

So how do you Outsource?

  1. Write your business to do list
  2. Work out which items have been sitting their for the longest period of time or which you do not want to do
  3. Google or ask for referrals to someone who can assist with that 1, 2 or 3 items
  4. Contact that person -ask for a quote and for a reference you can follow up
  5. When you hire, make sure you have a contract in place and have set a timeframe to ensureyou get what you have requested and are paying for
  6. Always ask that person for feedback on their status
  7. Sit back and relax

While someone else is taking on those jobs you don’t want to do or do not have the time to do, you could be taking the dog for a walk or spending time with your children at the movies. Doesn’t that sound better/

As a business owner, you could be attending those networking events you have wanted to attend, you could be socialising with other likeminded business owners instead of being stuck at your desk. The cost of outsourcing may sound expensive to you, but most of the people you would outsource something to will cost you less than the time spent by you sitting around procrastinating about even starting the job.

So instead of sitting back and hoping it will just cross off your To do list, Don’t. be proactive in your life and business and Outsource.

It’s one of the easiest to do items you will ever do.

Hazel Theocharous. Owner of Assisting U Virtuallu and an Expert VA in the field of outsourcing and Assessing Admin needs in business. As a wife and Mum of two active boys and a business owner who assists others to ensure their flexibility, Hazel understands the needs of other business owners to take time out and realise why they became a parent or business owner.