Oh Shit, A new CEO

- December 11, 2011 2 MIN READ

I have been extremely lucky as I have had the luxury over the past 4 going on 5 years of being able to be both an intrapreneur and entrepreneur. My entrepreneurial ventures of course you are familiar with, Shoe String Media Group [Magazine and Blog for startups] and the soon to launch app CoFounda which also plays in a similar space. [all will be revealed after xmas]

But what I assume a lot of you reading this would presume is that I do both these gigs full time. On one hand you would be right, yes I do basically attribute full time hours to these ventures from a time keeping perspective, the beauty is a lot of the work can be done at this point outside the typical core hours of a business day. You see I have a full time sales managers job for quite a large company.

I am fortunate because currently for the last 3 and a half years I have reported to an extremely entrepreneurial minded and encouraging CEO who I would say has been one of my biggest mentors and who I hope will continue to be for quite a while yet. It is often rare to find someone in such a position for an established company, taking interest in and encouraging their employees development outside the company walls, it is even rarer for moonlighting entrepreneurs to be 100% open and transparent about their “out of work” ventures with their boss and not feel threatened that them seeing the passion you have for this outside venture could end with you being managed out of the business if it is perceived that you are not 100% engaged in the one company and only the one company.

This week though things change, my CEO is leaving the company. I feel somewhat in a state of limbo – my intention has always been to work the three projects in my life for as long as possible, especially whilst none impacts on the other. My intention is to be as transparent with my next managing director as I am with my current one about my overall goals from a career perspective. I am a realist though, not all CEO’s are like my current CEO and it is a very real possibility that I may be given an ultimatum. And if that conversation happens what will I do? Back myself of course and take the leap and do what many people that have gone on to change the world before me have done – at least I have had a bit of a head start.

Been in a similar position? Do share.