Lunch with Sean Parker?

- December 9, 2011 2 MIN READ

Everybody by now would have seen in all forms of business and tech media across Australia that next year we should be expecting a visit downunder from the big wigs at the Founders Fund. As a blogger slash startup media commentator and entrepreneur in the tech and mobile space, this kind of news makes me very excited.

Last night I was thinking about WHO in the startup space would the Founders Fund representatives be getting in contact with from Australia to show them around, point them in the direction of the “startup hubs” on the scene and introducing them to startups and entrepreneurs of interest – possibly the likes of some of the Sydney Based VC’s or the likes of StartMate? I am not sure but I am determined to find out.

The fact these guys are coming out to Australia is great news for the startup community in Australia, and it is very good news for Australian business. Hopefully we will see more tech startups staying in the country and growing their global innovations at home, using local industry to help them build and create. I have not personally been to Silicon Valley, I do hope to get there some time in the next year though and I am sure it’s pretty rad – but at the end of the day I think that Aussie entrepreneurs are smart enough, creative enough and innovative enough to rival the communities over in the states.

The great thing about the Founders Fund visit is that it won’t stop there, I am going to go out on a limb and make a prediction that the other major players and investment firms over in the US are already making plans to follow suit and pay our shores a visit in 2012 as well.

So that brings us to food. You know me, you know I love to eat, you know I co-host my startup radio show with the owner of Australia’s Busiest Cafe in the centre of Sydney and if we can swing it this is what we would like to do. [talking to Sean Parker et al now] We would love to host a private lunch with yourself or the collegues of the Founders Fund that are coming over to see us next year, we will also organise to have some of the key players and entrepreneurs from the Sydney startup scene here, and anybody else that you think you would like to attend.

I am going to sign off the post with a little bit of positive thinking and say that I am looking forward to meeting you and your colleagues and introducing you to some amazing people and their new ventures. You or your people can contact me on the details below.





PS. Help us lock this in with a RT so we can then start looking at some of you to invite along!

[photo: Vanity Fair]