A look at the last seed funding rounds for 2011

- December 30, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

The Latest Seed Funding Rounds

Date Name Round Size Investors
12/11 MedAdherence Seed $150k Connecticut Innovations 
12/11 Beyond Lucid Technologies Seed $362k N/A
12/11 StartersFund Seed   Private Angels 
12/11 Local Reputation Seed N/A YellowBot 
12/11 Hypemarks Seed $20k N/A
12/11 Hypemarks Seed $20k N/A
12/11 Questli Seed N/A Redalpine Venture Partners 
12/11 Priceonomics Seed $20k N/A
12/11 Paperhater.com Seed $40k StartUp Chile 
12/11 Cloudability Seed $1.1M Trinity Ventures 

Walden International 

Pete Grillo 

Nitin Khanna 

Walden Venture Capital 

Merrick Merrick 

12/11 SoLatina Seed $15k Elliot Rice 
12/11 Omada Health Seed $800k Esther Dyson 

New Enterprise Associates 

Aberdare Ventures 

Kapor Capital 

TriplePoint Capital 

12/11 Spreecast Seed $4M Frank Biondi 

Gordon Crawford 

Edward Scott 

12/11 Ge.tt Seed   Atomico 
12/11 mygola Seed $1M 500 Startups 

Blumberg Capital 

12/11 DateMyFamily.com Seed $100k Dieter Aranda 
12/11 Percolate Seed $1.5M Lerer Ventures 

First Round Capital 

SV Angel 

Transmedia Capital 

Rick Webb 

12/11 Percolate Industries Seed $1.5M N/A
12/11 Press Seed $70k Friends and Family 
12/11 Newsgrape Seed   N/A
12/11 Summly Seed $250k Li Ka-shing 
12/11 Zipmark Seed $2M Village Ventures 

Contour Venture Partners 

High Peaks Venture Partners 

New York City Investment Fund 

12/11 MasteryConnect Seed $1.1M NewSchools Venture Fund 

Imagine K12 

Learn Capital 

12/11 Pluto Games Seed $500k YouWeb 

Dave Roux 

Brett Wander 

12/11 GAIN Fitness Seed $650k InterWest Partners 

Keith Rabois 

Ben Ling 

Michael Tanne