Walmart acquires Aussie Startup Grabble!!

- November 10, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

It started out with two guys Stuart Argue and Anthony Marcar from the Gong tired of having to collect their receipts for tax time.  Like all good startup stories this one too takes place in a garage where the initial planning and building of the technology started.

Aussie mentoring and seed financing organisation StartMate and 500 Startups in the US were the two incubators of the Grabble and although the details of the acquisition have not been disclosed, we have heard that all parties are very happy with the deal. This is also great news for Start Mate who are kind of like the Aussie version of Y-Combinator in the USA.

The founders are said to be joining Walmart Labs in Silicon Valley, though for what length of time has not been revealed at this stage. This is not the last tech acquisition we should be seeing from Walmart either, as a leader in merging the worlds of innovation and retail – they will be keeping an eye out on the tech startup scene for sure.