The Bizfficiency Program

- November 4, 2011 2 MIN READ

Systems can be the making of a small business, but without them everything falters.When it comes to driving their businesses, some owners can be the roadblocks.

As a small business owner and innovator Alycia Edgar knows this situation verywell, but she also found the solution and created the Bizfficiency program to help others achieve complete business systemisation.

The five-week Bizfficiency – Discover the Business of Business teleseminar series reveals the secrets behind business efficiency, based on techniques tried and tested by Alycia herself. “I run my business using a number of different systems that all work together to drive efficiency and productivity, making me a much better – and happier – business owner. I have reached systems nirvana and want to share my tips with others,” Alycia, who created the award-winning small business accounting system Bookzkeeper, explained.

Bizfficiency graduate Kelly Exeter from Swish Designsaid she now understood the need for firm systems in business after completing the program last year.

“Creating these systems allowed me to outsource all the jobs I hated the most and freed me up to spend more time doing what I love, and that is being creative. Being creative makes for happy days,” Kelly said.

“In fact, I have applied many of the principles I learned from Alycia to my everyday life and am now using that increased productivity to free up time to spend on myself and with my family, rather than to just ‘do more stuff’. This has given me a better quality of life, and if I am honest, has made me a nicer person!” she added.

Using her own experiences as a small business owner who struggled to keep all the balls in the air before systemising with great results, Alycia launched Bizfficiency with a free call yesterday (2 November).

The series starts on 8 November and covers a different aspect of system implementation every week:

  • Weeks One and Two – Personal Productivity System
  • Weeks Three and Four – Marketing Systems and Client Systems
  • Week Five – Financial Systems, Strategy and Measurement Systems

“Small business owners who commit to systemising their operations now will start 2012 ready to thrive, because they understand the link between their business goals and financial numbers and are armed with productivity tools to drive that success,” Alycia added.

The Bizfficiency program includes five weekly teleseminars, checklists and templates for $397.

For more information about Bizfficiency visit www.bizfficiency.com.

To find our more about Alycia Edgar go to www.bookzkeeper.com.au and www.numbersarelife.com