Startup: SocialFace

- November 20, 2011 2 MIN READ

In May 2011, Shona Mackin was flying home from Hawaii after celebrating one of her friends birthdays. Nearly everyone there was an entrepreneur and she was frustrated that she had lost the spark. The GFC was tough and she had moved into full time work, which was no longer fulfilling and needed something more.

“On return to Australia, someone somewhere was not very subtle about sending me a message. I was made redundant which proved to be the push I really needed. Socialface was born somewhere between Hawaii and home and I was confident enough with the theory to share it with a friend of mine, his words – lets do it” says Mackin.

That night they had the URLS secured and had launched the concept to their friends and immediate networks, they had all the legals in process, and were very focused on having a process and a service they could sell. Within 2 days they had 3 clients – they recall it was an exciting few days.

“A few months later and we are growing each week and most satisfyingly we can see positive results for the businesses that we look after. We are in a great space, our business runs facebook pages for businesses. That means we set the pages up, write the content, manage the pages, align with websites and marketing initiatives and respond quickly for the business, so they are always on the front foot and look great online”.

“I’m very lucky to have a great team who saw merit in my idea and continue to back it, and I’m really excited to have set up a business that aligns to my personal values and is positioned for significant growth over the next 12 months and beyond. We’ve achieved all this with minimal outlay, a careful eye on cashflow and a positive can do attitude.What’s more the business pro vides a great level of freedom (one of my key goals), with an internet connection, we can work anywhere, anytime” says Mackin.