Startup: Oink

- November 8, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Presented by Kevin Rose (founder of Digg and Pownce), Oink is an iPhone application that takes the best of Yelp and Foursquare and gives it a seasoning of Instagram. This new app lets you tag rate the world around you, just by taking photos with your iPhone’s camera, tagging your location, and saying how you feel about what’s being displayed.

So, Oink is the best of three highly-popular services taken together: Instagram (photo sharing), Foursquare (location-based networking) and Yelp (consumer ratings). As Rose himself points out, Oink is meant to let you know more about the items found in any city, instead of the places these items are found at. And Oink is nowhere as one-dimensional as Facebook when it comes to letting you say what you think about anything, as items on this site can both be “liked” and “loved”.

These items that have received the best ratings are all highlighted on the homepage, where you can also look at the latest “oinks” that people have shared.

The Oink application itself costs nothing, and you can download your own copy by clicking here. Once you’ve installed it, there’s not a lot to tweak or set up. You’ll be sharing photos and rating what’s in them before you even notice.


[Article: KillerStartups.com]