Startup: Jimmy Brings

- November 10, 2011 2 MIN READ

Residents of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and CBD will never need to utter these words again: “Oh no, that’s the last of the wine and ciggies,” following the introduction of the late-night alcohol delivery service from new website, jimmybrings.com.au

Considering themselves modern day party saviours, Jimmy Brings is a late-night liquor delivery business offering premium wines, spirits, mixers, cigarettes and even condoms to businesses and residential addresses across Sydney’s East.

“We’ve all been there. It’s 10pm, you’re about to finish your last beer and even if you had the inclination to schlep to the local bottle shop, it closed its doors hours ago,” says Nathan Besser, one half of Jimmy Brings.

Jimmy Brings is the brainchild of Besser and David Berger, two 30-something entrepreneurs from Bondi who saw a very large gap in Sydney’s delivery market. Like most great ideas, it was conceived late one Saturday night over a couple drinks. Or more precisely, a fast-dwindling supply of drinks.

“You can get almost anything delivered in cities like New York, but in Sydney alcohol delivery services do not exist. We thought we could fix that problem, and do it properly, by offering an eclectic range of white, red and sparkling wines, as well as boutique beers and cider,” says Berger.

That premium service extends to their spirit range, with Jimmy Brings selling products like Sailor Jerry Carribean Rum, Aberlour Single Malt and Grey Goose. They can also hand-deliver mixers, energy drinks, tobacco products and the pièce de résistance: condoms.

“It’s not just alcohol stock that people are often left unprepared. You have a squeeze around your house and sometimes one thing leads to another and you need a condom.”

But always the romantics, Besser and Berger are more interested in helping people woo their lover than the wham, bam, thank you ma’am. Their answer: the ‘Dom & Dom’ package.

“Everyone likes to feel a little special and we thought we’d turn kinky into sexy by offering the Dom and Dom package, which includes three Ansel Condoms, a bottle of 2002 Dom Perignon and a box of Lindt Chocolates. Who could resist that?” asks Berger.

Bronte resident Cameron Brooks obviously couldn’t. “Jimmy Brings was a lifesaver. I thought of almost everything when I invited a new friend over last week. I made her dinner, hired a DVD and even bought a bunch of flowers. I underestimated how alluring I can be and, well, let’s just say, without Jimmy Brings, the night wouldn’t have been such a success.”