Startup: Bills to Pay

- November 24, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Established in June this year, Bills to Pay (www.billstopay.com.au) launched a unique service to help individuals and families get their finances back on track via a disciplined approach towards money management.

The founder is Kris Bondin, a qualified CPA accountant who saw a need for people who he worked along side lacking a very important life skill. At each company he worked, the comments “I only have a few dollars left in my bank account until pay day” was something that frustrated him, he realised this was the case because people were not taught about money management at high school and as result have difficulty managing their money as they get older.

The business is set up to help its clients in the short term by controlling their finances via a unique budget. Bills to Pay provides its clients a cash allowance each week for general living expenses and takes care of the rest. We pay the clients bills, f rom their mortgage to the gardener. In addition to this service, we feel that we provide a great service in not only paying our clients bills, but we compare bills which cheaper alternatives, such as comparing electricity companies to ensure they are receiving a good discount.

Our ultimate objective is for our clients to learn the process of better money management so when they decide to venture out of our business, they are confident that they can keep the same process flowing in ensuring they have a good attitude towards money in addition towards working to a financial goal such as paying off debt or as simple as a savings plan.