Startup: Barkles.com

- November 15, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

“I love Firefox. Chrome/Safari are ok, but they don’t beat the stability, compatibility and strength of FF. What Chrome has in speed, FF has in stability and rendering correctly.”

“I prefer the good old days with not so much technology.”

“I can’t see Facebook standing the test of time. Whether it’s ous ted by Google+ or users simply grow tired of it, once day it will be no more.”

Agree or Disagree?

There is now a place where you can stop sitting on the fence, and take a side to the debate. Barkles.com is best described as “Twitter for Debates”.

Diesel Laws, Co-founder and CEO says, “People want their opinions seen and valued, and Barkles makes that happen. It’s about engaging opinions from the people you care about and making debates easier to follow.“

The website has a wide range of uses. You can use it to get feedback on an idea you have for a startup business or something that has more far reaching impact – such as sharing your opinion how we can best reduce global carbon emissions.

The difference between using Facebook, Twitter and Forums to share your opinions is that they are often difficult to follow which side people are on. By laying out the conversation into two pa rallel lines – “agree” or “disagree”, or what Barkles likes to call “Bark” or “Bite” – it is a lot easier to see who stands where, on what.

Barkles.com is set to change the way your opinions are heard – Agree or Disagree at Barkles.com.