Starting Up is a Full Contact Sport

- November 7, 2011 2 MIN READ

Over the past 5 months since we started the magazine, I have found that the startup phase is much longer than I had initially thought. I mean shit, it takes a lot of bloody stamina to ensure that we not only produce a physical publication that is entertaining and informative each month, but we are also producing content for our website daily, an average of 20 new startup stories a week to be precise. And that’s all before we even start talking about making the business profitable.

I am very lucky that from the get go, I have had a team that have really believed in the project and thrown themselves behind it 100% and that many well known entrepreneurs have given their time to talk with us, shoot with us and share their stories. You know although the content and releases come through everyday, putting it all together when you have so many other things on the go is by no means an easy task, and some days – let me tell you I have thought about just letting a day slide without putting any new content up – but then I think – wouldn’t that leave room for someone else to come along and take over? In my opinion – Yes.

You see, I have noticed that I view the startup scene as a full contact sport – am I the only person or the best person blogging about what’s going on out there in entrepreneur land? No – But in terms of the type of content we are covering, being profiling newbies to the scene and inspiring profiles of success stories, I would say that we are pretty up there. I think in many ways Entrepreneurs and Athletes are very similar. If I was to stop blogging for a day, it allows the next new startup magazine to come in and start gaining a groundswell and take the attention away – and our business is all about views and attention.

Do I welcome a new startup magazine doing something similar? Yes. Do I like Competition? Yes. Will I make it easy for them to draw business away from me – No Way, it would be on like Donkey Kong.

Competition makes your business better, as long as you fight fairly.


[image: UFC]