New Startup: Venuezi

- November 18, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

New online venue booking portal Venuezi (Venue Easy) is set to revolutionise the way the public searches for venues, and how venue managers respond to enquiries and book their venues.

Launching the online platform in September, Venuezi’s three business-savvy, hospitality-focused founders; Jason Titman, and brothers Rak and Anesan Naidoo, regard the venture as a ‘game changer’ for the events and hospitality industry.

Managing Director Jason Titman said: “We are committed to developing a solution that is a Win/Win for both the consumer and the venues. The word from the industry seems to be, ‘bring it on’ and ‘why hasn’t someone thought of this before?’”

Members join Venuezi for free, posting their function requirements including date, preferred location, guest numbers and space requirements anonymously. Venuezi’s venue partners then respond to enquiries, pitching their venue to the prospective client.

Venuezi’s consumer value comes from the time and money saved from receiving multiple quotes from multiple venues from just one enquiry. Venuezi’s value to venue managers and the hospitality industry is that they can ‘fish where the fish are’. Instead of waiting for the phone to ring, Venuezi’s partners have access to a pool of potential customers searching for their ideal venue.

Marketing Director Anesan Naidoo believes Venuezi’s competitive monthly fee, when compared to traditional forms of advertising, makes Venuezi the most attractive form of advertising a venue should invest in.

Venuezi doesn’t solely cater to customers looking for party venues. All types of functions and events are promoted including weddings, meetings, conferences and corporate events.