Hiring a VA Changed my Life

- November 3, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

I recently started thinking about ‘what I shouldn’t be doing’ in my business and my new perspective changed my outlook completely.

It was a conversation with a business mentor that got me contemplating things from this angle.

Rather than thinking about what I could outsource, I started to look at what I wasn’t naturally inclined to do well.

I went back to the office and put a fresh piece of paper on my desk with the heading ‘Things I shouldn’t be doing’.

Over the next two weeks, whenever I found myself doing something that drained me or didn’t come naturally, I wrote it on the list.

What I discovered at the end of that week wasn’t really a revelation, but it certainly was a helpful reminder that detail work just isn’t my thing.

Booking appointments, following up and updating the database are the activities that I am most likely to do poorly because they don’t fit with my strengths.

I’m much better at activities like developing a new marketing plan, writing a newsletter, networking and working directly with customers.

And as it so happens, these are also the things that I enjoy doing most and the activities that are aligned with my top strengths.

Armed with this information I hired a virtual assistant and started handing over the tasks that I ‘shouldn’t be doing’.

When I started my business I tried to wear as many hats as possible to keep costs down.

On reflection, I realised it is false economy to use my time on tasks I’m not suited to.

When I freed up my time to do what I do best, I became much more productive.

Hiring a VA has changed my life and my business.


Outsourcing to virtual assistants

by life balance coach, Kate James