Going Green when you Clean!

- November 10, 2011 2 MIN READ

Full Circle is fresh on the scene and has launched their new collection in the Australian market place.  Full Circle stands out for their leading approach to green materials along with their philosophy that products need to be functional, sustainable, beautiful and affordable.

The ‘green’ product category is growing by leaps and bounds. Recently there has been a boom in green cleaning products, focused mainly on non-toxic or all-natural liquid cleaners. One company, however, is looking in a different direction – the tools we use around the home. The company’s distinctive perspective is that the marketplace should be full of more responsible choices. For every product you use in your home, you should have a sustainable alternative. Full Circle maintains that consumers should not have to sacrifice form and function in order to become greener consumers.

Full Circle designs are innovative and consider ergonomics, as well as aesthetics. The company has given a completely new look to traditional cleaning tools and has even solved some storage and bacteria issues in their design. For example, their Scoop Sponge’s curved shape minimises the sponge’s surface area that rests on a counter, helping it to dry and prevent bacteria growth underneath. The Suds Up dish brush is a self-standing brush keeping bristles off your countertop and eliminating the need for bulky storage containers.

Full Circle is helping to raise the bar for green product standards as well.  They have high environmental and social standards for their factories, and focus on balancing material function, sustainable sourcing and low impact disposal.  In trying to find the perfect material that could accomplish all of these requirements, Full Circle developed its very own material.  After a year of research they created Bonterra™, a polymer made from cellulose and starch, both plant-based fibers. Not only does this allow the material to biodegrade, rather than stay in a landfill for thousands of years, but it minimizes, or in some cases fully eliminates, the use of petroleum.  Few may realise the lasting impact this could have.

Full Circle offers options that appeal to a wide range of consumers, not just advocates of going green.  The company’s green standards are indeed high, but nothing is prized over form and function.

At the helm of the introduction of Full Circle to Australia is Paul Lavelle, who after spending 18 years working with some of the world’s leading brands says he’s never been so excited about a product range.

“First and foremost, what attracted me to Full Circle was the company mission – ‘change is good’”, Paul said.  “To offer consumers something new – a choice of stylish, functional, sustainable products at an affordable price was compelling to me and I knew it will be equally compelling to Australian consumers.”

Full Circle currently offers around 25 different products ranging from soap-dispensing brushes, to vegetable cleaners, to bottle cleaners and bamboo & organic cotton cleaning cloths.  The full product line, list of retail stockists and online store can be viewed at www.fullcirclehome.com.au