Get out of the Office This Christmas!

- November 7, 2011 2 MIN READ

Do you experience any of these symptoms?

·Feeling drained and making silly errors

·Being irritable towards clients, suppliers or team mates

·It is after work-hours and your coffee and cake have gone stale

·You are physically at work but not actually getting any work done

·Continually moving today’s planned tasks to tomorrow and tomorrow’s tasks to the next day yet again

·Hiding from clients, suppliers or team mates for significant amounts of time

You get the drift – it’s time you get out of the office and stop being isolated before you start to hate your business!

What can you do about it? Isolation often leads to declining performance and motivation, so business owners and soloists in particular, must work hard to address this all too common phenomenon.

Consider some of the following practical ideas:

·Force yourself to have lunch in the first place and away from your desk and without checking your smartphone at every minute.

·Give yourself some small attainable rewards throughout the day. For example, for every planned task finished you can grab a snack, go for a walk, read a magazine or spend time on twitter.

·Become part of regular networks relating to your business as well as general areas of interest and actively attend their gatherings.

·Work from a virtual office, park or café to mix up the environment from the traditional office space.

· Set time aside to celebrate your successes and hard work. Just because you are a small business, it doesn’t mean that you need to miss out on parties and end-of-year celebrations. Be creative: could you organise a lunch with other business owners? An example of this is Jolly Solo, a big Christmas party exclusively for soloists and business owners with very small teams, so you don’t miss out on end-of-year celebrations and a great Christmas party just because you are a small business.

  • If you feel you are about to lose your cool at a particular email or situation, take a breather and come back when you have      calmed down.
  • Talk with fellow soloists and other business owners on social media.
  • Stay connected with other small business owners through social events, catch-ups, mentoring sessions and networking events.

To remain motivated and energised in your business, it is vital to prevent isolation as a small business owner or start-up. So get out of the office and enjoy being a business owner!

About the authors:

Janna Fikh, owner of Fletcher Tax Accountants, and Leah Klugt, owner of The Golden Goose Design Studio, have joined together to create Jolly Solo, a Christmas Party for solo business operators and very small businesses.

Jolly Solo is an opportunity for soloists to celebrate the year that has been, be inspired and to cement or increase their connections with other business owners for both support and business networking.