Do too many hashtags spoil the tweet?

- November 24, 2011 2 MIN READ

I by no means am a social media expert, just between you and me – I have just recently got my head around being able to automate tweets so that this site and twitter talk to each other, to enable me to concentrate on building content and selling stuff for the business so the bills can be paid.

I do love it though when I get feedback, I thrive on constructive criticism – that is why I have an advisory board for the magazine now and we have a monthly open forum where we look at everything in the business and how it can be done better and what areas I need to improve on as a small business owner.

Feedback from readers is very important to me as I grow the brand and I would like to thank a reader called Dominic for bringing some awareness around something, that to be honest, I have never really thought about when tweeting on a day to day basis – The use [or in my case overuse] of Hashtags.

When I really look at my profile, it’s quite obvious that I do love a good hastag with a tweet, I use them a lot for articles – from my understanding of the search.twitter functions, highlighting these key words in tweets can help people find content they are interested in, this has been especially helpful in the last 6 months since launching our site as a lot of our traffic to articles around specific topics has come through twitter.

But is it really the hastags that are to thank for for this? As I said, I am not an expert on this sort of stuff in the slightest. Social media experts help. When it comes to hashtags is there an etiquette that start ups should be following?