Congratulations to our Young & Influential List 2011

- November 14, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

As you would have no doubt seen by now, this months magazine is a special [annual] Young & Influential List for 2011. We had heaps of people put themselves forward for the list and struggled with choosing a top ten, so we decided to sneak an extra person in there. The list members are not necessarily from the traditional small business scene and all contribute to society in their own unique and important way. Some you will know, and others you may have never heard of … until now.

In no particular order our List for 2011 is:

  1. Jen Bishop [Dynamic Business Magazine]
  2. Sophia banks Coloma [Stylist and Designer]
  3. Brodie West [DNA Magazine]
  4. Tina Gunter [Esther Foundation]
  5. Samah Hadid [Human Rights Activist]
  6. Jack Delosa [The Entourage and MBE Education]
  7. Dorothy Polka [Polka Dot Bride]
  8. Amanda Ryan [JAAGO]
  9. Ehon Chan [Soften the Fck up]
  10. Gareth Stuckey [Gigpiglet]
  11. Rebel Black [I’m not Fussy]

Congratulations to all and thanks to everyone who submitted an entry form into this list this year. We are looking forward to doing all again in 12 months time!

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