Toosh Coosh

- October 25, 2011 2 MIN READ

Jo Turner is the inventor and ‘Mumprenuer’ behind Toosh Coosh Enterprises. After many years in the corporate world, Jo decided to follow through on an idea she had back in 2007 so she embarked on the Toosh Coosh journey. Committed to providing practical solutions to assist the needs of children she tells us her story…….

The concept of my core product the “Toosh Coosh” was born out of frustration when my children were not able to sit at the dinner table correctly to eat without making a big mess. You only need to look around at any family restaurant to see parents with the same ordeal. As a parent, I saw the need to find a child-friendly seat that was portable, practical and accessible to all families.

After doing some research I was not able to find a suitable product on the market so my son and I had a revelation: we should design a support seat for older children 3-8yrs making it a ‘coosh for your toosh’ –  designed by kids for kids.

We wanted something simple that could also be used in cafés and restaurants as they only provide high chairs these days. Many parents share my frustration and resort to using makeshift solutions like pillows and cushions that really don’t work. It also had to be stylish enough to look good at home and funky to appeal to older children – after all booster seats are for babies!

So after a few challenging years I’m thrilled to have finally launched Toosh Coosh.

It was important for me to engage certain parts of the community so I am pleased that Wesley Packaging Services assist me with my distribution needs. Their involvement is particularly important to me as I have a sister with disabilities who worked in a sheltered workshop for many years.  I am very proud to have their support and feel that my customers will value their participation in delivering a quality wholly owned and Australian made product. 

Finding a manufacturer in Australia was no easy task but my perseverance paid off.

I am passionate about creating a strong brand and enjoy building long lasting relationships so I want every customer and business partner to feel that they know me personally – I am my brand and stand by what it represents.

My story is simple……. follow your dreams and they can become reality!