Startup with Cheapstart!

- October 5, 2011 2 MIN READ

Cheapstart is a free online service focused on assisting small business owners to find the best value for money online “cloud” software to run their business operations.

By using cheapstarts’ expert knowledge on cloud software, you can eliminate the need to search through numerous products and decipher varying costing models.  cheapstart.com.au has selected 3 cloud software recommendations in each business need category from which you can simply compare and choose the right solution for your business.

Each featured product is reviewed and rated by cheapstart software experts.  Additionally user ratings are submitted by other small business owners that are using or have tried the software that you are comparing.

Starting a small business does not need to be complex and time consuming.  The evolution of the internet has resulted in a new way of working for all of us.  Now we have the rise of the “cloud”.  New products and services are conceived and brought to market through rapid innovation.  It is now possible to start a new business using only cloud products and services. 

The leader in the rapid innovation of cloud services is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) or cloud software.   SaaS now enables small businesses at an affordable price to have the same software that was previously only available to large businesses.  SaaS is normally charged on a month by month basis and is normally up and running almost instantly in most cases provided you don’t need to transfer data from old systems.  It also has the added benefit of allowing you to scale up quickly as your business grows and your needs evolve.

Cloud software has resulted in a explosion of new software vendors who have developed software specifically for the cloud.  Typically their software has an emphasis on user centric design and contains Web 2.0 features such as social tagging and collaboration tools.  Cloud software has a low barrier to entry and exit for customers.  For Cloud Software to be successful, it is critical that the software is easy to use and value is realised instantly.  If you’re not satisfied you can simply switch to another provider.

There are cloud software solutions for just about all small business needs.  The key small business needs are: Finance & Accounting, Human Resources & Payroll, Time Management, Sales & Marketing, Project Collaboration, and File Sharing & Storage.

The growth of the cloud software market provides small business owners with a unique opportunity to use the best software and to be more agile than their competitors who continue down the traditional software on-premise path.  The challenge for small business owners is how to select the best cloud software that suits their current and future business needs.

If you are really wanting to launch on a Shoe String then you will definitely want to check out cheapstart.