Startup: True Time

- October 20, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Regularly completing a timesheet based on 6-minute billable units is a demotivating and depressing task for lawyers and other time based professionals.    TrueTime is a new time-capture solution designed to relieve this burden. The novel and proven approach to time capture and invoicing achieves a rare double by enabling professionals to be rewarded fully for their efforts while at the same time, ensuring their clients receive fair and transparent invoices. 

Founded and developed in Australia by partners Rob Stevens and Scott Buchanan, TrueTime has recently successfully run a fully integrated production pilot at one of the world’s largest law firms. TrueTime, together with one other overseas based vendor, is being considered for potential deployment across that firm’s international operations.

There have been many attempts at solving the timesheet dilemma that involve manual time entry, stopwatches, or even those that attempt to reconstruct the day based on file or email timestamps. None of these methods can claim the accuracy or complete coverage of the day thatTrueTime offers.

TrueTime is a unique web based solution that monitors a real-time data feed of all the work performed on a professional’s desktop.  It presents this information in an easy ‘drag and drop’ interface where the professional can allocate their entire day’s work in minutes.

“We have a lot of fun presenting TrueTime to firms.  Timesheets are a universal pain point.” said Rob Stevens, CEO and Co-founder of TrueTime. ”When our clients realise the freedom that can be obtained, combined with the fantastic return on investment, it becomes a very easy decision to proceed.”

“Our smart phone (iPhone and Android) add-on is scheduled for release in the new year providing an even greater coverage of a busy professional’s day.”