Startup: Sshhh Chic

- October 17, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Sshhh Chic® is a Sydney-based design house specialising in contemporary jewellery and home-ware products influenced by Bangladeshi materials and themes. Sshhh Chic’s collection showcases a mix of western contemporary and eastern hand-made traditional styles where no two pieces are ever the same; they are, in themselves, unique pieces of artwork. Sshhh Chic is about encouraging individualism by striving to be different, reflected in its company motto “Dare To Be Different”.

Sshhh Chic is conceived by founder and owner Sharmeen Shahidullah. Sharmeen’s work is infused with a unique cultural style, drawing creativity and inspiration from her own diverse cultural background spanning the UK and Australia, with a strong influence from her Bangladeshi heritage.

Sshhh Chic proudly collaborates with tribal people from remote regions of Bangladesh to help provide jobs and educate disadvantaged men, women and children. With your support, we can help build a better community that extends past our own backyard and into the hearts of those less fortunate.

With over 10 years of professional experience as an Industrial Designer, Sharmeen is skilled at producing designs of elegance and simplicity. Her wish is that her products created exclusively for Sshhh Chic will encourage you to be yourself and enjoy life in a less complicated way.

Sshhh Chic’s online catalogue and store is www.sshhhchic.com.au