Startup saves Parents Thousands!

- October 5, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Bambino Brands noticed raising a child is now more expensive then ever. According to a recent study in Australia the cost of raising children has hit the $1,000,000 mark up from the governments estimate of $384,543 to raise a child to 18. According to a recent study by McCrindle Research.

This became a very real concern for husband and wife team Ronnie & Carlie when they had their first child Samuel in 2010. Having lost one income when Carlie took Maternity leave, Ronnie was left on the tools as a sub contract carpenter in a down-turning housing industry. With this in mind they stumbled upon a way to save themselves and other parents hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on raising their children.

“Bambino Brands is about getting the worlds best brands at Australia’s best prices. We save parents up to 80% off RRP on Brand Named and Boutique Baby and Maternity products.” Says Ronnie when asked about his business.

Bambino Brands is able to offer these savings by accessing suppliers over stocked items or by helping them test the market and launch new products through sample sales.

Bambino Brands reached its target of 5000 parents when it launched on the 15th of August

this year and quickly saw 3500 of those parents following the companies every move on Facebook. Social media has been a massive influence on the success of Bambino Brands as Ronnie & Carlie believe their business is based on creating a wholesome online store where their members know who is behind the company.