Startup: Luxe Mobiles

- October 5, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Sydney based Luxe Mobiles is the first of its kind in Australia. They customise mobile phones for the affluent Apple enthusiast. Each piece is individually handcrafted with homage to the prestigious jewellery making tradition. Using 24 karat gold and diamonds.

Founder and Managing Director Sidney Yilmaz, who is just twenty five, spent the summers as a teenager at his parents boutique jewellery store. learning the art of jewellery making.

According to Neilson 80% of iphone users want their next device to be an iphone. There’s no question about the emotional attachment we have towards our handheld devices these days. Based on this premise, Sidney combined his experience in the luxury business segment and his father’s jewellery making profession launching Luxe Mobiles. You can also find a tasteful selection of Apple accessories on their website.

“It is just as much art, as it is a science. Creating bespoke jewellery from a smartphone is an intricate process. Each piece is crafted and takes many hours, sometimes days to complete. We want to become the pioneers in this market and the best way to establish this is going to be challenging the conventions” says Yilmaz.