Startup Incubator: York Butter Factory

- October 10, 2011 < 1 MIN READ

Co-founded by Darcy Naunton [pictured] and Stuart Richardson, the York Butter Factory is a project that is set to create an incubator / seed accelerator within the space.

“We would like to build a strong alumni of successful business that have graduated from the space who go on to bigger markets such as the US or Asia. Calling on the expertise of these more mature companies to help budding young startups, we see, is a great value add” says Darcy.

“We’d like to see a situation occur where companies and teams are 30% to 50% more productive, simply because they have access to creative people who understand the problems they are facing. We’d like to see new companies formed as ideas combine with expertise”.

By curating the people who come in, we hope to build nurture a culture of creation and innovation. Thematically, we are digital and capitalist, but the space itself is only intended as a break-even venture in its own right. We expect to plough back profits into enhancing the space and the amenity of the residents and to grow the frequency and quality of local events. We are talking with other coworking spaces (Brad Krauskopf of The Hub, Nathan Sampimon of Inspire9, Kirsten of The Cluster) to grow the market for coworking rather than compete with each other”.

“We are talking to international coworking spaces such as Startup House in San Francisco (Bardia Housman, Stephen Weir), 500 Startups through companies we know working there, M-Labs in Hong Kong…We’re very excited about opening up the space on the 17th October”.

We are looking forward to working with these guys and covering the great startup success stories that come out of the space!